Electrolyte Balance

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Indications for use

When horses sweat, they can lose a lot of electrolytes and minerals that are necessary for their bodies to function properly. Since a horse's sweat is hypertonic, the depletion of electrolytes and water is the biggest cause of fatigue in endurance events. Due to a depletion of the electrolytes, the horse can show a reduced condition and performance. Restoring the natural balance of minerals, electrolytes and vitamins takes time; and if there is a significant deficiency of electrolytes from heavy sweating, this loss must be compensated. Using Cavalor Electrolyte Balance after a loss of electrolytes and minerals through sweating (from heat, transport, exertion) will help the horse stay fit longer, recover faster, and withstand longer periods of intense training, competition and transport more easily.

Composition of the product, and safety

Cavalor Electrolyte Balance is a diet food that supplements these deficiencies. It contains a number of essential electrolytes (including sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium) and some important B vitamins. In addition, it also contains essential amino acids and sugars (dextrose) that provide energy and help promote the absorption of electrolytes.


45 grams/1.59 oz mixed in the feed or dissolved in the drinking water, per horse per day.
Recommended use: immediately after a period of sweating.
Always give the horse unlimited access to fresh drinking water.
Maximum dose: 100 g/3.5 oz per horse per day.

Tip: Give your horse 45 g Cavalor Electrolyte Balance and 500 g extruded grains with 100 g dextrose within 30 minutes after strenuous exercise. This allows the horse to recover optimally and to be fit again at the start the next day.

0.8 kg/ 1.8 lb . jar
5 kg/11 lb . bucket

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