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Cavalor Freebute Pasta 60g

Cavalor FreeBute Pro is developed to support the muscles and create better mobility in your horse.


Sectolin Equivital Vitamin E + Selenium

A complementary feed for horses. A Vitamin E + Selenium supplement for horses in regular/intensive exercise.


Cavalor sozen

Has a calming and relaxing effect on hot or nervous horses.


Sectolin Linseed oil 2.5L

Linseed oil from the first cold pressing.


Cavalor Take It Easy Forte 6 Tubes x 60gr

Cavalor Take it Easy is an oral paste for the reduction of stress and anxiety in horses.


Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo6 Tubes x 60gr

Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo is a product for pulmonary support & elasticity during exercise.


Sectolin Confidence EQ 2

Confidence EQ helps reduce tension and anxiety in horses in situations where horses are normally anxious or tense. After applying Confidence EQ, horses will be reassured and better focused.


Primeval Stress Less Injector

PrimeVal StressLess is a 100% natural soothing supplement to the diet that helps your horse to relax during competitions and acute stress situations.


Cavalor Pow'Red Performance

Supports red blood cells and blood flow, which ensures maximum vitality and endurance.


Cavalor Venus

Cavalor Venus is a herbal extract that supports the hormone balance.


Equitop Equitop Myoplast

The training effect on the muscles, strength and endurance are supported and increased by Equitop Myoplast.


Cavalor Resistant + Vit. C

Increases resistance and keeps your horse in good condition. A good resistance is the basis for a healthy and strong body.


Cavalor PassSand

Supports the digestion of horses grazing on sandy pastures.


Cavalor OilMega 2000ml

Cavalor OilMega contains a balanced mixture of specific fatty acids and NAB (Natural Anti Biotics).


Cavalor Muscle Liq

Cavalor Muscle Liq has been developed for horses that are sensitive to muscle overload.


Cavalor Muscle Force

To support muscle strength. Cavalor Muscle Force supports long-term muscle strength efficiency.


Cavalor Muscle Fit

Ensures smooth muscle activity before and after intensive work. Feel the difference after 2 days in horses prone to muscle stiffness.


Cavalor Kick Up

Cavalor Kick Up is used as a supplement to the normal ration for tired (sport) horses that are subjected to strenuous exercise. The product provides a boost and improves the performance and condition of your horse.


Cavalor Hepato Liqi

Cavalor Hepato Liq supports the metabolism. To be used to maintain the health of your horse.


Cavalor Gastro 8

Cavalor Gastro 8 works at different levels to keep the pH in the stomach neutral and thus protect the stomach lining from irritation.


Cavalor FreeBute Pro

Cavalor FreeBute Pro has all the necessary properties to perform at the highest level.


Cavalor FreeBute

Sport horses only perform optimally when they feel good. Cavalor Freebute supports the muscles and joints of horses that have to deliver top performance.

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