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Equilook Bit D-Snaffle With Copper Rolls

D-snaffle bit with copper rollers. (Bit number 6 in the photo)


Equilook Bit D-Snaffle

Equilook D-snaffle bit hollow single broken, made of stainless steel. (Bit number 4 in the photo)


Stubben Curb Chain Guard Neoprene

Neoprene curb chain protector with Velcro closure. In the middle of the protector there is a recess for the middle ring.


Trust Sweet Iron Baby Dressage Bar High Tongue Bow

Baby dressage bar with a high tongue arch, with sweet iron.


Feeling Full Cheek Gag Bit With Roller

Stainless steel with a copper roller in the center of the mouthpiece.


BR Single Broken Gag Snaffle Apple Mouth 18mm

Gag bit with a pleasant apple taste for your horse.


Feeling Jointed Full Cheek Snaffle with Rubber

Gag bit with a single jointed, rubber mouthpiece.


Trust Pony 3-Ring Elliptical

Trust pessoa bit for ponies, with a Sweet-Iron double jointed mouthpiece.


Equilook Bit Pelham Straight

Pelham bit bar including curb chain, made of stainless steel. (Bit number 2 in the photo)


Equilook Bit Snaffle Bit Pessoa 3 Rings

Single jointed Pessoa bit with 3 rings, made of stainless steel. (Bit number 1 in the photo)


Equilook Bit Snaffle Bit Mc Guiness

The snaffle bit "MC Guiness" bit with copper rollers consists of full stainless steel. (Bit number 2 in the photo)


Equilook Bit Snaffle Bit Double Use. ball

Equilook double-jointed water snaffle, made of stainless steel. (Bit number 5 in the photo)


Equilook Snaffle Bit Double Broken

Flat copper plate in the middle, this plate gives pressure on the tongue when the horse becomes strong in the hand. (Bit number 4 in the photo)


Trust Hackamore TP

The Hackamore can be used for bitless riding, as well as in combination with a bit.


Trust Inno Sense Eggbut Mullen Soft

Leverage can be created with this bit. The lower the reins are placed, the tighter the bit becomes.


Trust Inno Sense Baby Pelham Port Medium

The baby pelham has shorter scissors compared to the standard pelham. The baby pelham therefore has a softer effect.


Feeling Flexi Jointed Ring Snaffle

Snaffle bit with a single jointed mouthpiece with apple flavour.


Feeling Anatomic Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle

Stainless steel water snaffle with a double-jointed, anatomical mouthpiece.


Feeling Dee Snaffle with Rollers

Stainless steel D-snaffle with a mouthpiece with copper rollers.


Sprenger Diamond Paste 100ml

This paste makes your bits, braces & spurs shine again.


Dobert Curb Chain Guard Soft Leather Black

Curb chain guard made of extra soft leather.


Trust Sweet Iron Beval Brass Ring

This bit has two half rings in the jaw piece which offers more control than normal rings.


Equilook Twisted Bust Snaffle

Equilook twisted snaffle bit, made of stainless steel. (Bit number 2 in the photo)


Equilook Bit Underlay Busbar Snaffle

Equilook underlay bra strap full single joint, made of stainless steel. (Bit number 1 in the photo)

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