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Biofarmab Horsecare Arnica Gel

Based on pure arnica tincture. Massage Liniment for horses. An excellent massage liniment for the horse’s muscles.


Lister Legato Clipper incl. Blades

The Legato is a rechargeable cordless trimmer which features an easy to use switch to adjust the cutting length, eliminating the need for multiple blades.


Cavalor emergency 911

A fast-acting and easily digestible paste, supports intestinal flora and digestive system in case of intestinal problems and transport.


Cavalor An Energy Boost

Pasta for sport horses that have to deliver short and powerful top performances.


Sectolin Traumeel S Tablets 250st

Can be used to bring relief to sore muscles after intense training.


Cavalor OilMega 2000ml

Cavalor OilMega contains a balanced mixture of specific fatty acids and NAB (Natural Anti Biotics).


Cavalor muscooler

Cooling gel that relaxes and cools the tendons after intense training.


Leovet Leoveties Winter Edition 2kg

A treat for your horse!


QHP Tail - & Mane Brush

Mane and tail brush with soft gel handle. Untangles mane and tail.


Leovet Blasting Serum Spray

Leovet Spray Serum 200ml works well against the acute treatment of rock jet. It penetrates into the deepest groove and finest cracks.


Cavalor Muscle Liq

Cavalor Muscle Liq has been developed for horses that are sensitive to muscle overload.


Cavalor Muscle Fit

Ensures smooth muscle activity before and after intensive work. Feel the difference after 2 days in horses prone to muscle stiffness.


Cavalor Gastro 8

Cavalor Gastro 8 works at different levels to keep the pH in the stomach neutral and thus protect the stomach lining from irritation.


Cavalor Coolsens Refill

Refreshing wash after hard training,


Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution 150gr

For the care and protection of the sole and the jet


Cavalor Freebute Pasta 60g

Cavalor FreeBute Pro is developed to support the muscles and create better mobility in your horse.


Sectolin Confidence EQ 2

Confidence EQ helps reduce tension and anxiety in horses in situations where horses are normally anxious or tense. After applying Confidence EQ, horses will be reassured and better focused.


Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula

Complete nutritional supplement containing all the nutrients a horse needs for its health and well-being


Groom Away Illuminate Clear Highlight

Groom Away Illuminate is the perfect facial highlighter. Accents the eyes and muzzle, helps cover scars and blemishes. Highlights facial bone structure and contains sunscreen.


Groom Away Showing White

Showing White is a professional concealer used to cover over marks, scars and stray dark hairs or to add definition to dark legs. To use, spray directly on to the coat or apply using a soft cloth, allow to dry (this will dry in a matter of seconds) then b


Primeval Stress Less Injector

100% natural food supplement, for a relaxed horse. Can be used in stressful situations. The relaxing herbs combined with a number of essential amino acids will help to keep your horse relaxed and concentrated, without affecting your horse’s alertness.


Cavalor Pow'Red Performance

Cavalor Pow’red Performance is a liquid mixture of high-quality vitamins and minerals that supports red blood cells and circulation. It also ensures maximum vitality and endurance.


Sectolin Equistar

Mane and tail can be combed well for up to 12 days. Has a dust and dirt-repellent effect.

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