Electroliq Balance

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Cavalor® Electroliq Balance - Professional line
Liquid solution to compensate for electrolyte losses due to great physical exertion.

Indication for use

Electrolytes (potassium, chloride, sodium), combined with sufficient fluid intake, ensure optimal functioning of the fluid exchange of the cells. When the horse sweats heavily during strenuous exercise, stress or at high temperatures, many electrolytes are lost. This causes the fluid exchange in the muscle cells to work more slowly, slowing down muscle contraction. This can lead to weakness and muscle cramps. After strenuous exercise accompanied by profuse sweating, it is critical to return electrolyte balance to normal as soon as possible. For an optimal recovery of the body after intensive exercise, it is recommended to feed the electrolytes with 1 kg of easily digestible grains within one hour after the end of the performance. The horse must always have fresh water available.

The advantage of Cavalor Electroliq Balance is the delicious taste, which ensures that the electrolytes are easily absorbed by the horse. The liquid form is a practical alternative to other supplements, which are usually in powder form. The liquid form ensures an even distribution of the product over the feed, so that nothing is lost or left behind at the bottom of the feeder.

Use Cavalor Electroliq Balance especially during hot days, after heavy training or during long transport. For horses that drink less after transport to another stable or location because of a different taste in the water, adding Electroliq Balance to their drinking water can offer a solution. However, it is advisable to first check at home whether the horse is drinking enough with the addition of Electroliq Balance. During competitions you can use Cavalor Energy Booster (paste in tubes), which contains electrolytes as well as additional B vitamins and amino acids.

Product composition and safety

Cavalor Electroliq Balance contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, fructose and dextrose. Current research has shown that the horse can benefit from the presence of fructose. Fructose can promote the absorption and mobilization of electrolytes. An apple flavor that horses love is also added to stimulate appetite.


Cavalor Electroliq Balance is mixed with the drinking water or with the food: 30-50 ml/ 1.01-1.69 fl. oz. per day. Maximum 100 ml per day


1000ml/33.8 fl oz. bottle with dosing cap
3000 ml/101.4 fl oz. bottle

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