An Energy Boost 6 x 60g

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Cavalor® An Energy Boost- Premium Line
Compensates for the loss of energy during strenuous exercise

Indications for use

Cavalor An Energy Boost has been formulated to provide the horse with extra energy and important nutrients; before, during and after strenuous exercise.

When Cavalor An Energy Boost is administered before strenuous exercise, the horse is supplied with high-quality nutrients to improve and maintain its performance. The product ensures that the horse receives energy in the form of quickly absorbable carbohydrates. During strenuous exercise, the glucose level can drop drastically with adverse consequences for sports performance. To ensure that the horse starts with an optimal glucose level, it is recommended to administer Cavalor An Energy Boost just before the exercise (max. half an hour before the exercise). In addition, Cavalor An Energy Boost also provides minerals, vitamins and substrates that are important for muscle activity.

Cavalor An Energy Boost is also used after a competition or heavy effort to allow the horse to recover quickly. Sport horses often perspire due to exertion, stress and transport. Important electrolytes are lost through sweat, which are responsible for the conversion of energy into muscle power. This loss can negatively affect stamina, causing fatigue and even exhaustion. Since tissue repair is enhanced by muscle activity, an increasing demand for nutrients and building blocks is required. In addition, a loss of electrolytes due to perspiration, stress or substrates (important for muscle activity) must be replenished in order to obtain a rapid recovery and maintain a constant good condition.

Product Composition, Administration and Safety

Cavalor An Energy Boost is formulated for top sport horses. Cavalor An Energy Boost contains electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C), minerals (calcium and phosphorus), amino acids and glucose that is absorbed very quickly and completely (within 10 minutes), so that the horse does not run out of energy. Cavalor An Energy Boost does not contain any substances that are prohibited in competitive sports. Cavalor An Energy Boost is usually given before or during an event or stressful situation. The administration is easy: the paste is applied to the back of the horse's tongue with the oral dosing tube. Thanks to the dosage, Cavalor An Energy Boost can be administered at any time, even during a competition (eg after warming up).


Per event / per day as needed: 1 tube on the back of the horse's tongue (the amount can be controlled with the dosage ring). Maximum dose: 3 tubes per animal per day.

Box of 6 x 60gr

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