5 reasons why Cavalleria Toscana is the go to brand for the perfect competition outfit!

5 reasons why Cavalleria Toscana is the go to brand for the perfect competition outfit!

Do you feel like buying a new horse riding competition outfit, but have no idea where to start? We get it, there are so many brands, colors and items to choose from. Luckily, we are here to help you! In this blog we will tell you why Cavalleria Toscana is the go to brand for the perfect competition outfit.

1 . You can mix and match all Cavalleria Toscana products

Let's be honest, a matching outfit for a horse riding competition is a must. That’s why we are happy to tell you that the items from Cavalleria Toscana can be perfectly styled and coordinated with each other. This means you can match any competition jacket for women and competition jacket for men with a saddle pad, an ear net and bandages. For example, you can match the competition jacket from the Revolution collection of Cavalleria Toscana with the from the same Revolution collection. It's all about details!

2 . No more translucent white riding breeches

Every competitive rider is probably familiar with this problem; there is nothing more annoying than white breeches that are see-through. When you go for Cavalleria Toscana, you don't have to worry about this anymore! Cavalleria Toscana's white riding breeches are available in different models and fabrics. All breeches are made of a nice, stretchy fabric and are not see-through. At the same time, the riding breeches are all but thick and stiff. Perfect, right?

3 . A competition jacket for everyone

Choosing the perfect competition jacket is not that easy. The jacket is too long or too short, you don't like the buttons or the jacket has no pockets. We know it can be difficult! Fortunately, Cavalleria Toscana has a perfect competition jacket for everyone, thanks to their huge range. Would you like a wide or a narrow flap at the back? Both options are available. If you prefer subtle little buttons, the R-Evo Light Tech Knit Zip Riding Jacket 99GO is for you. Maybe you want a jacket that closes with a zipper and press studs? Then the R-Evo Light Tech Knit Zip Riding Jacket 9999 is perfect for you!

Cavalleria Toscana has jackets with all kinds of different clasps, so there’s something for everyone. Are you always hot while riding and do you sweat a lot? Then the perforated competition jackets are the perfect solution for you! These jackets are provided with small holes in the fabric, which makes the jacket a lot more airy and ventilates better while riding. Finally, the color of your competition jacket is also a very important factor. Cavalleria Toscana offers a lot of colours, from basic to unique, which means that making a choice can be quite difficult. We are happy to help you choose the right jacket in the right color!

4 . A long- or short sleeved shirt or a blouse?

Usually, you wear your competition jacket over it, but a nice competition shirt cannot be missing from your competition outfit. Do you regularly ride in your summer outfit during the outdoor season? Then your showshirt is definitely an important choice for your outfit. Different colours, collections, models and fabrics, everything is possible and there are endless possibilities. Do you prefer a long-sleeved shirt, or rather a short sleeved shirt? Or do you prefer a blouse because you think it's a bit more chic? Feel free to take a look at our webshop, or visit the showroom to see and try on what you like most!

5 . Details matter!

When your competition outfit is as good as complete, it’s time to think about accessories! Cavalleria Toscana has many accessories to give your outfit something extra.  A chic belt for your riding breeches, socks that perfectly match the colors of your outfit. With the accessories from Cavalleria Toscana you can put the finishing touches on your competition outfit.

Good luck at the competition!