8 clothing must haves for the summer

8 clothing must haves for the summer

Spring has started for a while, it means that the horses are going on the fields and that we can ride in the sun again! Summer weather naturally also includes summer riding clothes. In this blog we show you 8 essential items to wear in the stable or during your spring and summer training sessions.

Oxer Socks Slim Foot

Let's start with the Oxer Socks Slim Foot. No one likes to wear warm, thick socks while riding in the summer. Specially for you we have the Oxer Socks Slim Foot. Due to the materials used, the sock offers excellent comfort, both with and without riding boots. The combination of the different materials ensures the best ventilation so that this sock breathes optimally. It keeps your feet cool! The Oxer Socks Slim Foot are available in various colors and sizes.

Socks Slim Foot Black

Equiline Knee Grip Breeches

In the summer you adjust your outfit to the season. That is also perfectly possible with these beautiful Equiline riding breeches. The Equiline Knee Grip Breeches Catirk Ice is a nice riding breeches, and the color fits perfectly with a summer day. These riding breeches have everything you are looking for. The riding breeches are equipped with silicone knee grip, which offers the rider more strength and stability in the saddle. The item has 2 side pockets on the front and 2 decorative flap pockets on the back, which complete the pants! The Equiline Knee Grip Breeches Catirk Ice has a beautiful light gray color, perfect for spring and summer!

Knee Grip Breeches Catirk Ice

Cavalleria Toscana Tufted Cap

A beautiful cap is an addition to any outfit, but a cap is indispensable especially during sunny summer days! Cavalleria Toscana has different caps in their range, something for everyone. When you work in the stable or spend a day at a competition, you are exposed to the sun a lot in the spring and summer. Wear a cap on these days, a cap protects your face and eyes from the sun and ensures that your scalp does not burn. For example, go for the Cavalleria Toscana Tufted Cap 9999, this cap has a sporty design and because of the black color you can wear it with any outfit, so you are protected against the sun and you look well styled! Is the Cavalleria Toscana Tufted Cap 9999 not quite your thing? Take a look at our webshop for all other caps.

Tufted Cap 9999

Equiline Ultra Light Vest

You know the issue: it's spring, but what do you wear during your training? A jacket is too warm, a shirt is too cold, and a sweater has no pockets… Then you naturally go for a body warmer such as the Equiline Ultra Light Vest Ebice Butter. This thin body warmer keeps you just a little warmer during your rides, completes your outfit and is equipped with handy pockets! The soft, light color ensures that this item is easy to style with any outfit. The bodywarmer Equiline Ultra Light Vest Ebice Butter closes with press studs and has 2 side pockets on the front. This body warmer is also great to wear casually on a beautiful summer day!

Ultra Light Vest Ebice Butter

Cavalleria Toscana Perforated T-Shirt

There's nothing better than riding a horse in your t-shirt or (sleeveless) polo when the sun is shining. But you know, burned shoulders and a sweaty back after a ride. The Cavalleria Toscana Perforated Jersey Emblem T-Shirt With Solid Inserts is the solution. This t-shirt is made of a fully perforated fabric, which ensures optimal ventilation while working in the stable or during a training. This way you stay wonderfully fresh. The Cavalleria Toscana Perforated Jersey Emblem T-Shirt With Solid Inserts has cap sleeves, which protect the shoulders against the bright sun and offer a lot of air permeability and freedom of movement. Thanks to the beautiful, blue color, this item is easy to combine with almost any outfit! 

Perforated Jersey CT Emblem T-Shirt With Solid Inserts 7J00

Alessandro Albanese Motion Light Jacket

Do you still like to wear your competition jacket during a hot day at a competition? That's sweating! That is why there is the Alessandro Albanese Motion Lite Jacket especially for you. This jacket is seen as the ultimate summer jacket for competition. The breathability and stretchability of the fabric make this jacket a real must for the warmer days of the season. The Alessandro Albanese Motion Lite Jacket is unlined and has minimal see-through, which is why the jacket is extremely breathable and airy. The item has an inner pocket and a hidden zipper, the hidden zipper ensures an optimal fit of the item. This competition jacket is available in various colors for women, men and children.

Motion Lite Jacket Ladies

Roeckl Laila Suntan

The Roeckl Laila Suntan Black should of course not be missing from this list! These summer gloves from Roeckl are made of a thin, sun-permeable mesh fabric on the back of the hand with a palm made of highly breathable micro-air. The combination of the different materials used ensures optimum air permeability, making these gloves ideal at high temperatures. Thanks to these gloves, your hands can also simply tan during training due to the sun-permeable fabric. The Roeckl Laila Suntan offers reliable grip and a good feel on the reins.

Laila Suntan Black

Pikeur Vienna Jacket

Finally, a raincoat should not be missing. We cannot escape having to ride in the rain every now and then, so a good raincoat is of course so nice. The Pikeur Vienna Jacket Black is a water and windproof jacket. This jacket is thin and breathable but still keeps you dry during a ride. The item has a separate back piece for extra ventilation, and the jacket also has waterproof, shiny and matte zippers. So the rain doesn't sneak in through the zippers either, perfect right? And have you already seen the beautiful details of this jacket? The shiny, silicone Pikeur logos on the sleeves and hood complete the Pikeur Vienna Jacket Black!

Vienna Jacket Black

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With these 8 must-haves we have hopefully made your summer a lot easier and more comfortable and you can ride in the perfect outfit this summer!

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