Derma Wash

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Put a little (+- 30 ml) Cavalor Derma Wash in a bucket of lukewarm water or apply directly with a sponge to the whole body or just the affected skin. Leave for a while and then rinse well with water. To avoid infections, it can be a good habit to wash the horse with Cavalor Derma Wash every month - or after intensive contact with other horses (eg camp or walk). Cavalor Derma Wash can also be used to disinfect your leather or other equipment. Use 30 ml of Cavalor Derma Wash in your washing machine instead of detergent to clean textiles.


Packaging: 500 ml bottle.

Extra information

Cavalor Derma Wash is a hygienic shampoo based on chlorhexidine that is used to wash horses with a flaky skin, dull coat or skin condition. It is also the ideal shampoo to wash horses that are new to the stable to prevent infections. Remember that the coat is the mirror of your horse's internal health. A dull coat can be caused by a problem inside that prevents nutrients from being used optimally.

Cavalor Derma Wash and Derma Spray are pH neutral . Unlike our skin, which has a natural acidity level of 4.0 - 5.5, the optimal pH of horse skin is 7.0 - 7.4. When we use products with a low pH (eg human shampoos), the moisture is absorbed from the skin and this results in dry, flaky skin. Products with a high pH (eg strong cleaning agents) will absorb the natural sebum, making the skin prone to infections. In addition, Cavalor Derma Wash is enriched with glycerine . This will ensure that the skin is hydrated and the coat shines.

In addition to using Cavalor Derma Wash as a shampoo, it can also be used to clean blankets, saddle cloths, leather, etc. For cleaning wounds or genitals , the use of Cavalor Derma Spray is recommended. This contains the same active ingredients but no soaps.

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