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Sectolin Dermiel Wound Ointment

Dermiel ointment includes honey and essential oils.


Sectolin Clipper Oil 100ml

Maintain your clippers well with this oil.


Sectolin Linseed oil 2.5L

Linseed oil from the first cold pressing.


Sectolin Linseed oil 1L

Flaxseed oil from the first cold pressing.


Sectolin nebulizer

Handy nebulizer that fits on 1 liter bottles.


Sectolin Moccas 250ml

Moccare is for the care of rough and chapped skin in the pastern cavities and on the long bone of a horse.


Sectolin SE-600 Knife set 3 mm

Knife set for the SE-600. Note: Only to be used for the Sectolin Clipper SE-600.


Sectolin Sectwrap Black

Self-adhesive bandage for various purposes.


Sectolin Tedax

Sectolin TEDAX Insecticide is an anti-insect spray that helps to repel (tropical) mosquitoes, (bit) flies and ticks in humans, dogs and horses.


Sectolin Equivital Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is a mineral that plays an important role in the relaxation of muscles, the nervous system, energy management and the balance between different elements in the body.


Sectolin Equivital Vitamin E + Selenium

Food supplement that helps to optimize muscle quality and to maintain healthy muscle function.


Sectolin Confidence EQ 2

Confidence EQ helps reduce tension and anxiety in horses in situations where horses normally become anxious or tense.


Sectolin hooves

A traditional hoof care product with its specific properties.


Sectolin Vetramil Honey Ointment Tube

Smoothing skin ointment based on honey and essential oils.


Sectolin Cribox Pasta

Prevents your horse from biting and chewing on doors, wood, blankets and tail and mane. Can be used in the stable and outside.


Sectolin Cribox-Liquid

Prevents your horse from biting and chewing on doors, wood, blankets and tail and manes.


Sectolin helosan

Helosan can be applied to horses but also to humans on dry skin such as hands, elbows and lips. Helosan is protective.


Sectolin animalintex

Ideal wound dressing that can be used in 3 ways.


Sectolin Traumeel S Tablets 250pcs

Homeopathic product that can be used to bring relief to heavily stressed muscles after training or competition.


Sectolin Traumeel S Gel

Traumeel gel is the gel that every horse owner should have in his cupboard, to be used for all kinds of (sports) injuries.


Sectolin Hipposol

For optimal hoof care, for example with rock rays. The moisturizing and caring ingredients support a healthy elasticity of the hoof horn.


Sectolin Vertargil Super Fine

Green loam has been shown to be an exceptionally good natural agent to promote healing of wounds and skin conditions.


Sectolin Vertargil Tube

The high silicic acid content has a favorable effect on, among other things, the connective tissue. It also has a cooling and soothing effect.

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