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Leovet Leather Foam

Gives a brilliant shine.


Leovet Leoveties Banana, Turmeric & Linseed

The natural and healthy Leoveties have a delicious taste of banana, turmeric and linseed.


Leovet Summer Spray TamTam 550ml

With active ingredients from geranium oil & eucalyptus.


Leovet Summer Spray TamTam 2500ml

Refill packaging. With active ingredients from geranium oil & eucalyptus.


Leovet Teebaum Body Wash 500ml

Shampoo based on tea tree oil


Leovet Disinfection spray 200ml

Disinfection you can rely on: fights bacteria and fungi!


Leovet Power Striegel Walnut Spray

Gives the dark coat a deep color and shine.


Leovet Milton Spray Fungi 550ml

Easy to use spray especially for white horses.


Leovet Silkcare Spray 550ml

Anti-tangle with silk proteins. Makes the skin and long hair dust and dirt repellent. Urine, manure stains and placards can easily be brushed out after days.


Leovet Body Wash Biotin 500ml

Mild care and quick cleansing for healthy skin. The skin becomes soft and clean.


Leovet Leather Care Leather Soap

Leovet Oil Soap is a vegetable universal cleaner.


Leovet Leather Care Leather Oil

Fine leather oil for the care of leather.


Leovet Leather Care Balsam

Gives aged leather the right care and gives it a shiny appearance.


Leovet Leather Care Quick and Easy

Cleans and cares for smooth leather, quick to use thanks to the 2 in 1 formula!


Leovet Leather Care Intensive

A gentle, satin sheen emulsion for all smooth leather, riding boots, and shoes.


Leovet 5* Braiding Gel

Leovet Braiding Gel ensures that you can braid and knot the mane easier and faster.


Leovet leather foam

With this nourishing cream foam, the leather is cleaned, re-greased and protected by antioxidants and made durable. Gives a nice shine.


Leovet leather cream

Hydrates the leather and keeps it supple. Protects against drying out and gives a good grip without becoming slippery.


Leovet Thermal Massage

Massage gel with heat effect for the back and legs.


Leovet Blasting Serum Spray

Leovet Spray Serum 200ml works well against the acute treatment of rock jet. It penetrates into the deepest groove and finest cracks.


Leovet 5* Anti-tangle 550ml

Leovet 5 stars anti-tangle is a handy spray for removing tangles from the coat, mane and tail. It is dirt repellent and gives a nice shine.


Leovet Silkcare Shampoo

High-quality silk proteins cleanse the skin, hair and coat and support the hair structure. Vegetable substances and vitamins care for the hair.


Leovet 5 * Magic 200ml

Leovet Rider's Magic is a conditioner in gel form and ensures that the mane and tail can be combed through within seconds.


Leovet Power Shampoo Walnut

The UV filter that is incorporated in the shampoo prevents the coat from being discolored by the sun. This shampoo ensures that the coat is easy to comb and makes the hair fibers smooth.

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