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2 x woolpad in one package.
pad size: 40 cm x 50 cm.

Woolpad is used as a pad on horses legs for various skin problems, swollen legs and for preventing injuries. Woolpad is made out of our own unwashed wool shorn from our sheep twice a year. The magic in the unwashed wool is the lanolin oil that is naturally in sheep’s wool. Lanolin has many health benefits and is, for instance, used in many skin products, including baby products. The lanolin in our Woolpad helps with various skin problems, swollen legs and even to prevent injuries. The wool keeps the skin dry and is breathable. Wool is also slightly antimicrobial.

How to use Woolpad

First of all, no water is needed! It’s important to keep the pad dry to get the right results. Wrap the Woolpad around the horse’s dry leg like a normal pad and wrap a stable bandage over it. Make sure to cover the whole Woolpad. And that’s it! Leave on overnight. We recommend using Woolpad every day from 2-4 weeks to get the best result. Because of the lanolin you don’t need to add any liniment or other products on the leg. The pad will take care of the healing. P.S. Keep the Woolpad as clean as possible and take good care of it; the Woolpad needs a little bit of TLC as it might rupture easily in the beginning.


What’s it for?

-preventing injuries -various skin problems -swollen legs -to help recovery after hard training

How long does the Woolpad last?

-about 2 – 4 weeks with everyday use

Woolpad rocks because it’s

-100% natural -biodegradable -a Finnish product -ethically produced

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