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Trust Inno Sense Baby Pelham Port Medium

The baby pelham has shorter scissors compared to the standard pelham. The baby pelham therefore has a softer effect.

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  • The pelham jawpiece combines the action of a snaffle bit and a bar and snaffle bit. The bit has one jaw piece but can be ridden with one or two reins. If you choose to ride with one rein, a pelham strap is needed to connect the bit rings with the rings of the scissors. The pelham is a leveraged mouthpiece. The longer the scissors, the sharper the effect. The baby pelham has short claws and therefore has a milder effect than the normal pelham. A pelham bit is mainly used for strong horses, horses with too little space in the mouth for two mouthpieces or horses that have to get used to a bar and snaffle bit. This bit is not suitable for the inexperienced rider.

    This mouthpiece is a rod with a medium tongue arch. The tongue arch provides more tongue freedom so that no pressure is placed on the tongue but is distributed over the layers. This makes the bit ideal for horses with a sensitive tongue or horses that stick out. This bit is not suitable for an inexperienced rider.

    The Sweet Iron bits are made of steel and have a recognizable blue color. Sweet Iron develops surface rust through contact with (air) moisture that tastes sweet and stimulates the horse's saliva production in a natural way. This will cause the horse to foam more, which ensures better acceptance of the bit. This rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue color of the TRUST bits to brown-grey.

    The bits of TRUST equestrian are traditionally Dutch. All bits are designed, developed and handmade in the Netherlands. A team of technical professionals works on the production every day. The bits are composed with the greatest care and made from the best materials. The quality control and standard are therefore very high. With every design, the balance between shape, material and weight is continuously taken into account. TRUST's bits are slightly curved so that they mold better to the horse's mouth. Due to this anatomical shape, the bit lies better in the mouth and the pressure is better distributed. Due to the wide choice of mouthpieces, jaw pieces and materials, TRUST strives to have a suitable bit for every horse.

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